Macramé Murder by Mollie Cox Bryan

A light and enjoyable, well-paced romp.

Macramé Murder has a fabulous fictional setting, ideal for stay-cationers reading and crafting at home but wishing they could escape to some exotic location, although hopefully far less dangerous.

Cora, the protagonist is a funny and quick-witted woman who will win you over as an irresistible character worth rooting for: “After all, helping was Cora’s thing. She had the disease to please. And that wasn’t always a bad instinct.”

Cox Bryan skillfully knits together history clippings [Madamoiselle Riego de la Blanchardiere]  between snippets of much more contemporary text messages.

As well some great one-liners: “Next Marcy Grimm, she was about as interesting as a piece of dry toast.” This kind of description is so much more pithy and apt than a character’s eye color or hairstyle.

Read via NetGalley. Published by Kensington Books genre Mystery & Thrillers Pub Date 29 Aug 2017


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