Holding by Graham Norton


Back in the fifth century, St. Patrick drove all Ireland’s snakes into the sea. Today, Norton could charm them back just as he has created a cast of flawed and credible characters in the village of Duneen. Somehow, I found Norton’s voice reading the story from the page to me—further evidence of his sorcery?

Norton weaves everyday droplets of detail, the items we overlook or misinterpret, to gradually reveal long buried secrets and eons of heartache.

Norton solves the crimes, misdemeanors, and errors of judgment in a satisfying conclusion with skillful aplomb. However, achieving resolution for the characters is a far more demanding objective. Some readers demand a happily ever after ending. Some need death, destruction, and total damnation for every sorry soul. Others prefer ambiguity where each reader can surmise their own denouement.

Like it says in the forward, Graham Norton’s writing is beguiling.

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