Vera’s Version by V J Schultz

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I read this during the holiday season while nursing a cold but Vera’s humor lifted me out of my self-imposed misery. Recovery, my own as well as the rest of my family of seven in sequential doses meant it has taken me longer than planned to write my review.

First up, I must confess to my mistake. I thought this was a book of cartoons, which it isn’t. Instead, this is a collection of previously published humorous short stories. I received a free copy.

My ipad tells me, “You have 9 highlighted passages,” but I’ll only share three of my favorites.

In, “Call me Sometime,” Vera describes the frustration experienced by us all from cold callers, and an original method of avoiding further contact.

She also expanded my limited language by explaining the concept of ‘pre-need.’

 “Namely Speaking,” provides us with some useful tips on how to discover someone’s name at a social occasion when you’ve forgotten who they are.

Lastly, here’s a direct quote and a motto for the year ahead.

“Anyway, the days of my life don’t flow smoothly like the sand in that hourglass. Nope, not at all. If my time were the sand in an hourglass, it would be full of lumps—or extra fine, fast running.”

I thoroughly enjoyed Vera’s sense of humor and turn of phrase. You can find her book here or visit her site.

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