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Full Disclosure:

“Material was supplied by Editor and writer Erik Arneson for my objective review. ”

The Biggest Myth by Tom Pitts

The distinctive characters, Jerome and Christophe, would have leapt of the page, but instead they jumped into my ears, an essential element for an audio book and an often overlooked skill. The menacing threat builds to a thoroughly satisfying conclusion.

Bonus: I shall never look at an innocent cup of coffee again in the same light. Additionally, I now know how to correctly pronounce, “Apache.” Thank you Scott Detrow

Pretty Little Things by Chris Holm

Jillian and Robert in marital bliss, the challenge of modern technology and how sins are never forgiven.

Kick by Jen Conley

Carla’s tale of woe has a poetic turn of phrase and perfectly captures the moody sadness of tragedy.

Strangers by Joe Clifford

Will’s atmospheric experience takes the reader right into the moment and his brush with Devlin as he traveled around Europe and subsequent misadventures in his youth. Bet you don’t see it coming. Great cautionary tale.

The Window by StevenWeddle

Paul’s casual observations from his home during his wife, Amy’s, convalescence, and the complications of families. How life rarely turns out the way we originally plan.

Merciless by David Cranmer as Edward A Grainger

In a bar, Big John Tweetman and Cash’s travails are doomed, or are they? Beautiful narration which takes the reader into each character’s desolation and a lesson on how to become an old time cowboy for the modern day geek.

Vacation Package by Chris Irvin

Chen’s tale, “Same, same, but different,” takes the reader to another side of American life, intergenerational debts, and the inevitable payback time. Brief, deep and punchy.

For the Honesty by Erik Arneson

Beware of husband’s bearing early anniversary gifts. The perils of the Internet stalker and always assume someone’s watching you. For the record, I do not like Bruce, but his persona is familiar to everyone. I loved this one, slick, with never a wasted word.

Swing and a Miss by Erik Arneson

What would you do in a convenience store heist? Read this story and get a few fresh ideas for survival, although personally, I will always be “the whimpering man.”

Twelve before Nine by Erik Arneson

Beware of special services too. They never come cheap.

Mess with me by Erik Arneson

Not PDA [Public Displays of Affection] around this office. Instead, we learn about an entirely different kind of bodily contact and the merits of keeping fit for modern political life. The “Fear Factor” rises as we follow our unnamed protagonist’s exploits until a thoroughly satisfactory conclusion.

Sole Operator by Erik Arneson

Billy Campbell’s musical career is dogged by his band-mates, and we the readers have a glimpse at long forgotten historical snippets.

Blow out the Candles by Erik Arneson

Hannah’s early demise, and the story of the man who found her.

Oh Well by Erik Arneson

This politician plans his rise to power until a detour takes him in a different and unexpected direction. Love the names here, but you’ll have to listen in to find out for yourself.

In summary, this a two hour and nine minute audio dish of escapism.


My apologies for any misspellings of characters’ names as I only have my ears to rely upon.

Please do not plague me with technical questions about uploading and downloading because I have zero knowledge of gizmos, but I’m sure Erik would be only too happy to help : )

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